Mixed Daal Fry Parathas


30 Minutes




98 Calories

Category: Parathas/Bread & Subji/Side Dish 

Cuisine: North Indian / Punjabi

Fun Fact: Did you know the history of Dal began long before rice and wheat? Yes, the researchers say that the cultivation of 'lentils' or 'dal'started in 'Pre-Harappa culture'.The Indian Express quotes Dal having umblical-like connect with India and its culture. The mixed dal has been used as a part of grand and celebrity meals. It further states that the dal took a key part in the meal served during Chandragupta Maurya's wedding. Right from Ayurvedic days till this modern day, the mixed dal fry is considered the best meal crediting the nutrients we get. Especially, when combined with roti/parathas/chapathi/bread, it becomes the complete meal with whole nutrients

Mixed dal or mixed lentils form a crucial part of the Indian cuisine. An excellent source of plant protein and fiber, this dish has a whole lot of antioxidants. This gravy based recipe goes very well with rice and chapathi/ bread. 

The exact origin of this rich vegetarian dish remains a mystery, but that does not make it any less desirable. A combination of almost six lentils with a fusion of some of the Indian spices makes it dish irresistible not only among adults but even among kids. 

A Paratha is a flat bread which is a staple food in states like Punjab where wheat is grown. The term paratha is a combination of ‘parat’ and ‘atta’ which means ‘the layers of cooked dough.’ This dish is indeed a healthy, hearty and filling dish that can be prepared in a short span of time. The combination of mixed dhal fry and paratha is one healthy and wholesome meal for anyone.

This dish is a real must-have while visiting a dhaba since a typical Punjabi meal is incomplete without this rich vegetarian dish, and, of course,  along with a large glass of lassi!

This protein rich meal takes special place in Punjabi cuisine for the richness and taste it adds to the entire palatte.

₹ 110.00



Mixed Daal


Seasoning mix (containing Mustard Seeds, Jeera & Hing)

Curry Leaves

Mixed Daal Fry Masala mix (containing Onion Powder, Garlic & Ginger Powder, Garam Masala and Salt)

Tomato Puree

Coriander Leaves


Semi-cooked Parathas

Oil (for roasting Parathas)

Cooking Utensils

Pressure Cooker

Frying Pan


Chopping Board


Small bowl/cup for transferring Oil



1. Wash Mixed Daal twice thoroughly.

2. Remove the curry Leaves from the stalk, wash & keep aside.

3. Wash Coriander Leaves & finely chop.

4. Wash Lemon, cut in half & de-seed.

5. Transfer Oil to a small bowl/cup.

Note: Soaking the Daal for 10-15 minutes will help in quickly cooking. 


1. Add Daal, 1-teaspoon Oil, Water (quantity 2 times as daal) in the pressure cooker and cook on high flame for 3 whistles & on low flame for 5 minutes. 

2. In a frying pan, heat remaining Oil, add Seasoning mix.

3. Once the Seasoning mix splutters, add Mixed Daal Fry Masala Mix, saute for 2 minutes. 

4. Add Tomato Puree, 3-4 spoons of water & saute for 1-2 minutes until the oil leaves the sides of the pan.

5. Add cooked Daal now, cook for 3-4 minutes on low flame. Daal Fry is ready now. 

6. Heat the tawa, roast the Parathas one by one by spreading Oil on both the sides.

Ready to Serve

1. Garnish Daal Fry with chopped Coriander Leaves.

2. Sprinkle Lemon Juice and serve hot with the roasted Parathas.