Sambhar Rice


30 Minutes




Category: Rice

Cuisine: South-Indian Cuisine

Fun Fact: The story of how ‘Sambhar’ was invented goes back to the 17th century from the state of Tamil Nadu during the regime of the ruler, Shahuji. While trying to make a dish called ‘amti,’ Shahuji experimented using a different combination of lentils which eventually lead to the origin of ‘Sambhar.’ The dish derived its name from the name of the guest, Sambhaji, for whom it was made for that day. 

An iconic dish, with a huge fan following, that reflects the culture and believes of the people from the south of India is what makes ‘sambhar’ so popular today.

‘Sambhar’ is considered as a whole sum dish which is enjoyed by people all around the globe today. Having marked its provenance from the Indian subcontinent, largely from South India and Sri Lanka, this vegetarian dish is prepared in every household as on date. Also spelled as ‘Sambaar,’ this healthy Indian dish is a lentil-based vegetable recipe served either with cooked rice, idli or dosa and make the meal a complete one.

₹ 100.00



Toor Daal

Cooking mix (contains Turmeric)


Sambhar Mix (contains Coconut Powder, Sambhar Masala, Chilly Powder, Jaggery Powder & Tamarind Powder)



Seasoning Mix (contains Mustard Seeds, Dry Red Chillies & Hing)

Curry Leaves



Cooking Utensils

Pressure cooker

Cooking pan for Sambhar

Rice cooker (optional) or vessel to cook Rice

Seasoning pan (small one)

Chopping Board




1. Wash Toor daal thoroughly in water, soak in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes.

2. Wash Vegetables and cut into long thin slices.

3. Wash Curry Leaves in water, drain and keep aside.

4. Mix the Sambhar Powder with 6 - 7 spoons water to form a paste.

5. Wash Rice and soak in 2 cups water for 10 minutes, drain and keep aside. 


1. Pressure cook Toor Daal (along with water), Vegetables, Cooking Mix & 1 spoon Oil together for 3 whistles on medium flame and 5-7 minutes on low flame. 

2. Transfer contents to the cooking vessel along with the excess water, keep on a medium flame. 

3. Add the Sambhar Mix paste and mix thoroughly. Bring the Sambhar to boil, occasionally stir. Add Salt and mix well.

4. Add remaining Oil to a seasoning pan. Once hot, add seasoning mix, allow spluttering. Add washed Curry Leaves, sauté for 1 minute and add the seasoning to hot Sambhar.

5. Cook Rice in 2 cups of water.  The quantity of water will have to be twice the quantity of Rice.

Ready to Serve

1. Serve hot Sambaar with Rice and Ghee.