Journey of ChefD

Chaitali Chauhan, the co-founder of ChefD, didn’t realise how a simple incident that happened while shopping in a grocery store in Bangalore was going to make a greater change in her life. It was a routine day, the weather was pleasant, Chaitali drove to a nearby grocery store which is a Franchisee a huge retail chain. 

An interesting conversation in the next aisle created some curiosity, Chaitali went ahead and saw what was happening. There was one young lady who looked like an ‘Alice in the Wonderland’ purchasing few items. First, she picked a pack of Turmeric powder, called her Mom over the phone and checked if this is what she needed to buy. It was a whole 15 minutes, the lady picked very few basic ingredients that are commonly used in Indian cuisines and checking with the Mom over the phone double confirming whether she was picking the right ingredients.

At the end of picking 5 basic things like Turmeric, Tamarind, Hing/Asafoetida, Cumin seeds and Coriander, the lady looked exhausted. With an intention to help Chaitali approached the lady. It was surprising to find out that the lady is from a different state and has never entered the kitchen. Now that she is going to stay in Bangalore due to work and currently learning to cook. 

The incident triggered series of thoughts. Chaitali started interacting with people living away from the families, people with limited time to experiment & cook various cuisines. Beyond her own family, friends and closed circle, she observed how eating out leads to various medical conditions and health issues. It was painful to observe how the busy life schedule in this globally competitive work scenario has created absurd eating patterns and resulting in lot sufferings. 

The urge to 'making it right' and 'creating a healthy community' triggered lot of thought processes. After brainstorming with the co-founder, Uday, sown a seed for ChefD. 

Such thought processes stressed the importance of making everyone a 'great chef' and we all are going to be ‘ChefD’ now.

ChefD made the ‘self-cooking’ easier, better, comfortable, time saver and cost effective.

Co-Founder Info

Chaitali Chauhan:

Chaitali Chauhan, the co-founder of ChefD, defines 'healthy eating' as the way to 'healthy living'. The Journey of ChefD began when Chaitali had a unique experience while visiting the grocery store in Bangalore

The believer and the follower of 'home cooked food' as the foundation for healthy living, Chaitali has been working on revisiting various authentic recipe and designing the ‘Kit’ that adds great value to the clients.

Chaitali manages the operations, vendors, clients, procurement, packaging and the supply chain related to ChefD. 'Gardening' being her favourite hobby from childhood, Chaitali is working towards bringing in a lot more sparkle to the ChefD Kit.

Chaitali began her professional life as a software engineer and has over 6 years of Industry experience in the Information Technology field. Highly creative and passionate designer, Chaitali has over 9 years of Entrepreneurial Experience as the Founder of Silk n Fusion in the Fashion Industry.

"With ChefD, you can prepare the meal
ensure that our clients have everything in place to celebrate the cooking
experience without compromising on taste, quality, authenticity or anything else"

 – Chaitali Chauhan,Co-Founder, ChefD

Uday Rathod:

"Food creates brand to the cultural values.For many known reasons, switching to EASY QUICK food, ultimately the unhealthy lifestyle has been spoiling the key part of our culture as well.The cultural values lead to healthy way of living.I am very keen on safeguarding the culture by amalgamating the culinary art with the current hectic lifestyle." 

 – Uday Rathod,Co-Founder, ChefD

A visionary, and a serial Entrepreneur who is aiming at building businesses that can make the greater difference and elevate the healthylifestyle of people in Asia.

Highly passionate 'Chef at Home' and takes extra efforts in the culinary art by trying out different cuisines along with his wife at home during free time. Grown up in the environment that values the significance of protecting the culture. He also believes that the healthy living is an integral part of any culture.

Uday has been diligently working towards cultivating a holistic way of cooking Fresh Vegetarian food at home that safeguards the environment as well. He manages Sales, Marketing, Technology, and Operations for ChefD.

Uday holds the positions as CEO & Founder of Znap and a Director for Restile, Vitrified Tiles.